How to learn video editing with Final Cut Pro X

how to learn video editing using Final Cut Pro XDuring the last years, more and more people have started transitioning from photos and create more videos. The ability the new smartphones gave us with their high-resolution camera is incredible. Options like 4k 30 or 60 frames per second, and also the mirrorless cameras made video more affordable. Especially for the people that video wasn’t their main focus. If you can remember, creating a video let’s say 20 years ago was such an expensive process. But besides how we capture a video a question a lot of new videographers ask themselves is how to learn video editing?

The steps of video editing

Creating a video needs a lot of different steps. We won’t analyze the more advanced steps like color grading, audio editing, directing, storytelling, e.t.c. On this article we will focus on the 2 basic steps. Capturing the video, then go into post production to edit and publish.

When it comes to video editing then there are plenty of factors to consider. Price of the program, usability, easy and fast workflow, effects that are easy to use and of course OS. If you have invested in an Apple Device like an iMac or a MacBook then the choice is pretty straight forward. Final Cut Pro X.

What is Final Cut Pro and how to use it

You can learn more about Final Cut Pro and its history by clicking on the Wikipedia page here

In this How to use Final Cut Pro X Free Masterclass (click the link to go the article) you will find a 22 minutes video that will help edit your first video, and learn all the basics you ‘ll need to start editing your videos and publishing them online.

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Emilio Takas