How to use Final Cut Pro X: Beginners Masterclass

You want to start your journey in video editing. Or you are already familiar with other video editing programs and want to give Final Cut Pro X and try and make it the editing program to use for your videos. And the big question comes up: How to use Final Cut Pro X? 

Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

Final Cut Pro X – The video editing application with the fastest workflow

When I started my FCPX tutorials on my youtube channel, I started with small effects and tips that will enhance your videos. But I always wanted to create a full length tutorial for someone who has never experienced a use of a video editing program. Especially Final Cut Pro. (If you don’t have it and want a 90 days free trial make sure to click here) In my opinion Final Cut is still one of the best, if not the best option, video editing program for post production with fast workflow, great plugins and overall a great user experience. It has so many good features and even it is not considered “the option of the pros” many movies, commercials, youtubers and documentaries have used it for their videos.

So if you are a beginner video editor or even an advanced in a different program like Adobe Premiere the the video below is going to be just for you.

Spend with me the next 22 minutes to learn the Interface, Libraries – Events – Projects, how to Import Media, Working with Media in the magnetic timeline, Cuts, Slow Motion, Transitions, Crop, Basic Color Grading, Adjustment Layers, Working with Titles, Exporting, Thumbnails and Exporting Frames and Videos.

If you are ready now to dive into more interested and complicated tutorials you can continue here 15 Final Cut Pro Tutorials to Get you started.

Emilio Takas