Insta360 GO – The SMALLEST Action Camera GOT BETTER!

INSTA360 GO – Smaller than a thumb

The lightest, action camera from insta360 which is smaller than the actual size of my thumb. It shoots videos, photos, hyperlapses, timelapses, slowmotion with one of the world’s most advanced stabilization,  with a simple tap, or two or three. This is my insta360 go review…

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This tiny action camera became pretty fast my favorite action camera. Especially with its new update that let you record videos up to 5 min in FPV mode. This camera is designed basically for the average user, not the pro who need 4k videos, the best resolution possible, size and other things that go along with other action cameras. This is the camera for the people who need a great action camera to capture the moment, when it happens, to mount it in areas that weren’t possible to mount before and for those who want not only to capture easy the footage but also to easily get the footage of and share it to their social media. It is so easy to use and edit, with an advanced AI editing app that automatically edit your footage even if you don’t have the slightest idea of video editing giving you the ability to create amazing videos instantly.

The world’s smallest action camera

Insta360 Go ReviewThe main unique selling point of the insta360 go is its size and portability. It weights only 18.3 grams making it the world’s smallest action camera. It comes with a magnetic necklace that you can wear under your shirt mount the camera just like this and shoot 100% hands free footage. The quality of the camera is really good. It comes with a bunch of other accessories if you want it to mount it elsewhere. 

The insta360 go comes with a charging case where the camera magnetically snaps in place and the camera begins charging wirelessly. It has a micro usb on the side where you can charge the case before you go out and the charger is still small to fit in your pocket. Imagine that the size is like the case of airpods. This is a really great feature and helps getting the most out of battery usage of such a tiny camera. 

It has a connector on the other side of the charging case where you connect your phone. From there you connect with the app and you can transfer your footages, photos, or start editing on the go using very easy templates to create your videos. 

Edit amazing videos with a tap of a button

Insta360 punches this camera as the go to option to capture short, punchy videos, perfect for fun and sharing your everyday moments in social media. And as I said in the beginning with their AI editing app even people who don’t know how to edit they can create amazing videos like this with only taps of a button. 

Now because its so tiny we have some limitations with the camera. The first one is that it shoots only 15 or 30 seconds of continuous recording. But it gets the job done when you simply want to capture a moment, or two and don’t want to have enormous size of footage that you actually don’t really need. BUT…insta360 listened to its audience and now with the new update lets you record a video for up to 5 min. How you record with this camera. The button is actually on the back. But if you press here the button is going to be activated as well. One tap the camera is gonna start recording a normal full hd clip or whatever specified recording you have set with the app, it’s gonna blink and will let me know that is recording. When the 30 seconds or the time you have set is up it’s gonna save the clip and then the camera shuts down to conserve battery and space. Two taps will start hyperlapse recording and 3 taps will start shooting a slow motion 100 frames video. Keep in mind that you can set the taps to be adjusted to the specific settings you want through the app.

With the Charge Case, GO’s run time is 60 minutes for standard video. Clip length can be set to 15, 30, 60 seconds or 5 minutes with the new update. Hyperlapses support recording times of up to 30 minutes, and timelapses offer longer recording times.

This tiny little thing has only 8gb of storage. So another limitation that you get with such a tiny camera is the resolution. It shoots just Full HD which is below average in 2020. But remember that this is not a professional action camera. And Insta360 has other cameras like the insta 360 one x or one R that cover the needs for those who want the highest resolution possible. It also shoots in slow motion 100 frames in … resolution. 

The footage looks clean and … ok but I wouldn’t use it for a client video or a video which is not intended for social media or everyday vlogs.

And one question you might have by now. It is a tiny action camera. Is it water resistant? Yes…but… As you can see here it can handle a water that is dropping in a glass but I wouldn’t take it to the ocean and dive with it. When we see water resistant it usually means that it can take some water, rain and ok…some water in the glass for a very short period of time.

The price of the insta360 go is currently at $199 but you can check the link in the description of this video for the latest price. If you need a good b-roll camera, a tiny little beast that can shoot in areas you never imagined before, or camera that captures easily your everyday moments, then this is it. 

Final thoughts on the Insta360 Go

Do I recommend this camera? Yes. Besides the drawbacks this camera has like the recording limit, the lack of extra frame rates besides 25 and 100 frames, the not so big storage these drawbacks are not something to think about when you are thinking of the application of use of this camera. You don’t get this camera to record a high end, professional video for a client, or a documentary. You simply get that camera for its tiny size, extremely easy to use and share videos online and having fun with it. It is in my opinion the best tool when you want to capture and share the moments you don’t want to take your gear out of your bag and share them online to your social media or in a vlog video. 

Emilio Takas